Irradiation in Inflammatory Breast Cancer

  • Irradiation is an integral part of the tri-modality treatment of inflammatory breast cancer
  • Rarely:
    • Radiation may be administered preoperatively:
      • Particularly in the context of a suboptimal response to neoadjuvant systemic therapy or progressive disease
  • Following a mastectomy:
    • Postmastectomy irradiation is routinely given
    • Data from British Columbia:
      • Have demonstrated mastectomy with modern chemotherapy and radiation techniques:
        • Is associated with improved locoregional control
  • Radiotherapy comprises:
    • Whole breast with comprehensive nodal irradiation:
      • In the setting of preoperative treatment
    • Chest wall with comprehensive nodal irradiation:
      • Following a mastectomy
  • Most series report inclusion of the internal mammary lymph node chain in radiation portals:
    • Even if clinically negative
  • For left-sided treatment:
    • Modern techniques, including:
      • Intensity-modulated radiation therapy:
        • May be employed to avoid dose to the heart and lungs while appropriately covering the regional lymph nodes
  • References:
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