Regional Nodal Metastases in Hypopharyngeal SCC

  • In more than 80% of patients:
    • Tumors spread to involve the local lymph nodes are detected on physical examination or by imaging at first presentation
  • The lymphatics fluid flows mostly via collectors into the lymph nodes of :
    • Levels II and III:
      • A direct relationship to level I has not been detected
    • Drainage to involve level IV occurs frequently
  • The lymphatic drainage of the posterior pharyngeal wall occurs:
    • Mainly first into:
      • The retropharyngeal lymph nodes:
        • Accounts for over 40% cases
  • In hypopharyngeal cancers:
    • Because of its advanced stage at presentation and its involvement or extension to cross the midline:
      • The risk of contralateral metastases is high, with histological identification of tumor in:
        • More than 20% of cases treated surgically, and supports the therapeutic decision:
          • To treat both sides of the neck, either by surgery or by radiotherapy in the N0 neck

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