Thomas Peel Dunhill Pioneer of Thyroid Surgery

👉One of the pioneers in thyroid surgery in the twentieth century, Thomas Peel Dunhill, began his work on the problems of goiter and thyrotoxicosis in Melbourne in 1910 had performed 312 operations, 200 of which were for exophthalmic goiter.

Dunhill adopted a technique of total lobectomy on one side and subtotal on the other side after reading Frank Harley’s paper which was published in 1907.

👉He used his technique under local anesthesia at first and later under light general anesthesia. At that time the mortality for this operation was 30% in hospitals in London and with his method, he achieved a mortality of less than 3%, despite accepting the most severely ill patients suffering from uncontrolled atrial fibrillation.

👉The technique that he adopted — total lobectomy by a pericapsular dissection technique
— is even now considered by many surgeons the optimal method of resection.

👉He also described later operation on retrosternal goiter by splitting the sternum and in 1920 he produced his outstanding paper in an early issue of British Journal of Surgery.

👉In the same year, Sistrunk described his radical operation for the thyroglossal tract that included the resection of the middle third of hyoid at the base of the tongue.

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