Prognostic and Predictive Factors in Breast Cancer

  • Prognostic factors:
    • Provide information regarding:
      • Clinical outcome
    • The prognostic factors in breast cancer that have been validated in clinical testing and related to risk of relapse and survival are:
      • Lymph node status
      • Tumor size
      • Grade
      • Lymphovascular invasion
      • ER/PR status:
        • ER-negative and PR-negative tumors:
          • Are associated with a worse prognosis compared to ER-positive tumors
  • Predictive factors:
    • Provide information on likelihood of benefit from a given therapy
    • An example of a predictive factor:
      • ER/PR receptor expression:
        • Identifies those patients likeliest to benefit from hormonal therapies
      • Of note:
        • Tumor grade:
          • May be predictive of response to therapy, but not necessarily of survival benefit
    • Cianfrocca M, Goldstein LJ. Prognostic and predictive factors in early stage breast cancer. Oncologist. 2004;9(6):606-616.
    • Kleer C, Sabel M. Prognostic and predictive factors in breast cancer. In: Kuerer HM, ed. Breast Surgical Oncology. New York, NY: McGraw Hill; 2010:243-249.

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