Phases of Mechanical Breathing

  • Initiation phase:
    • Is the start of the mechanical breath:
      • Whether triggered by:
        • The patient or
        • The machine
      • With a patient initiated breath:
        • You will notice a:
          • Slight negative deflection:
            • Negative pressure, or sucking
  • Inspiratory phase:
    • Is the portion of mechanical breathing during which there is:
      • A flow of air into the patient’s lungs:
        • To achieve a maximal pressure:
          • The peak airway pressure:
            • PIP or Ppeak and
          • A tidal volume:
            • TV or VT
  • Plateau phase:
    • Does not routinely occur:
      • In mechanically ventilated breaths:
        • But may be checked:
          • As an important diagnostic maneuver:
            • To assess the plateau pressure:
              • Pplat
            • With cessation of air flow:
              • The plateau pressure and the tidal volume (TV or VT) are:
                • Briefly held constant
  • Exhalation:
    • Is a passive process in mechanical breathing:
      • The start of the exhalation process can be either:
        • Volume cycled:
          • When a maximum tidal volume is achieved
        • Time cycled:
          • After a set number of seconds), or
        • Flow cycled:
          • After achieving a certain flow rate

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