Ventilator Basics

  • Control / target variables:
    • Are the targets that are set:
      • Based on the mode of mechanical ventilation chosen:
        • For example:
          • There are:
            • Pressure-controlled mode of ventilation and
            • Volume-controlled mode of ventilation
        • In pressure-control:
          • The clinician sets a designated pressure:
            • That is delivered with every breath
        • In volume-control:
          • They set a designated tidal volume:
            • That is delivered with every breath
  • Conditional variables:
    • Are the dependent variables:
      • In mechanical ventilation:
        • For example:
          • In volume controlled modes of ventilation:
            • The tidal volume:
              • Is a set parameter
            • While the pressure:
              • Is a conditional variable:
                • And can vary from breath to breath
  • Trigger:
    • The factor that:
      • Initiates inspiration:
        • A breath can be:
          • Pressure-triggered
          • Flow-triggered
          • Time-triggered
  • Cycle:
    • The determination of the end of inspiration, and the beginning of exhalation:
      • For example:
        • The mechanical ventilator can be:
          • Volume cycled
          • Pressure cycled
          • Time cycled

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