CDH1 Mutation and Breast Cancer

👉A BRCA gene mutation is the most commonly identified clinically actionable result of any gene test.

👉A family history of a combination of early-onset gastric cancer and infiltrating lobular carcinoma of the breast should raise concern for hereditary diffuse gastric cancer syndrome.

👉This syndrome is caused by a mutation in the CDH1 (E-cadherin) gene.

👉Lifetime risk for signet cell diffuse gastric cancer is estimated at 70% and infiltrating lobular carcinoma at 40%.

👉Prophylactic gastrectomy is recommended for CDH1 mutation carriers with a family history of diffuse gastric cancer.

👉CDH1-mutated families with multiple (and often bilateral) infiltrating lobular cancers, but no gastric cancers, are increasingly recognized.

👉Enhanced surveillance with breast magnetic resonance imaging is recommended for women with CDH1 mutations.


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