Are Prophylactic Antibiotics Required Before Breast Surgery? Even if it is a Clean Case?

👉The use of prophylactic antibiotics depends on:

  • The type of case (clean vs contaminated)
  • As well as patient specific variables such as the presence of a mechanical heart valve or other prosthesis, placement of a prosthesis, such as a tissue expander, and/or other variables.
  • 👉Prolonged prophylactic antibiotics are avoided due to concerns over promoting the incidence of multidrug resistant bacterial infections and because the risks of this strategy outweigh the benefits in reducing postoperative infections.
  • 👉Strong evidence supports a single dose of prophylactic antibiotics prior to breast surgery.
  • 👉There is no evidence that antibiotics improve wound healing aside from decreasing infection rates.
  • 👉There does not appear to be benefit from additional postoperative antibiotics.
  • 👉Patients undergoing re-excision lumpectomy appear to be at increased risk of infection and would also benefit from prophylactic antibiotics. 

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    👉Rodrigo Arrangoiz MS, MD, FACS cirujano oncology y cirujano de mamá de Sociedad QuirĂşrgica S.C en el America British Cowdray Medical Center en la ciudad de Mexico:

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