Nipple Sparing Mastectomy (NSM)

👉NSM is an oncologically sound option for selected breast cancer patients (as it is for prophylaxis) but there is no clear consensus as to the selection criteria.
👉Based on careful anatomic studies and recent comprehensive reviews, nipple involvement was present in 11.5% of reported NSM procedures, and was associated with:

  • Tumor-to-nipple distance of less than 2 cm
  • Positive nodes
  • Lymphovascular invasion
  • ER/PR-negative
  • HER2-positive
  • Locally advanced
  • Retroareolar tumors
  • Multicentric tumors

👉Local recurrence occurred more frequently in the skin flaps (4.2%) than in the nipple (0.9%).

👉Nipple necrosis was partial thickness in 6.3% and full thickness in 2.9% of patients.

👉A negative nipple margin is necessary for NSM but is not sufficient for patients whose tumors are otherwise unsuitable.

👉NSM is also not suitable for patients whose breasts are very large and/or ptotic, who are elderly, or who have significant comorbidities.


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👉Rodrigo Arrangoiz MS, MD, FACS cirujano oncology y cirujano de mamá de Sociedad QuirĂşrgica S.C en el America British Cowdray Medical Center en la ciudad de Mexico:

  • Es experto en el manejo del cáncer de mama.


👉Es miembro de la American Society of Breast Surgeons:


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