Meaning of Intramammary Lymph Node Metastasis

👉Although breast cancer with isolated intramammary lymph node metastases is considered stage II disease, few studies have explored the clinical significance of this finding.
👉In one large retrospective review of 7140 patients, intramammary lymph nodes were identified in 2% of patients.
👉Among these patients, the intramammary nodes were positive in 35/151, or 24% .
👉Axillary metastases were identified in 61% of intramammary node-positive patients.
👉Among those with a positive intramammary node but negative axillary sentinel node, completion axillary node dissection revealed no additional axillary metastases.
👉Another large retrospective review also found that the majority (81%) of patients with intramammary node metastases also had axillary metastases.
👉On both univariate and multivariate analysis, when compared to patients without intramammary nodal tumor deposits, the presence of intramammary node metastases was significantly associated with worse disease-free survival (89% vs 54%, p=0.001).
👉Although important for disease staging and prognosis, management of the axilla should rely on axillary node status, and axillary node dissection should not be performed on the basis of intramammary node positivity alone. 


  1. Pugliese MS, Stempel MM, Cody HS 3rd, et al. Surgical management of the axilla: do intramammary nodes matter? Am J Surg. 2009;198:532-537.
  2. Shen J, Hunt KK, Mirza NQ, et al. Intramammary lymph node metastases are an independent predictor of poor outcome in patients with breast carcinoma. Cancer. 2004;101:1330-1337.
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