Breast Mammogram

👉The mammogram shows trabecular thickening and an increased thickness of the skin.

👉Trabecular thickening is an increased prominence of linear structures in the breast, primarily corresponding to Cooper’s ligaments.

👉It is almost always seen in conjunction with skin thickening and indicates significant breast edema.

👉It has a number of different causes, including congestive heart failure, renal failure, venous or lymphatic obstruction, diffusely infiltrating carcinoma, and radiation.

👉When the cause is lymphatic obstruction, the obstruction can be the result of surgery, radiation, or lymphatic invasion by cancer.

👉Unilateral breast edema with increased trabecular and skin thickening sometimes occurs with congestive heart failure.

👉The pedal edema that develops during the daytime decreases at night and the fluid accumulates in the dependent breast in patients who sleep on their side.





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