Laryngeal Carcinoma

  • The larynx is divided into three regions:
    • Supraglottis
    • Glottis
    • Subglottis
  • The distribution of cancers is as follows:
    • 30% to 35% in the supraglottic region
    • 60% to 65% in the glottic region
    • 5% in the subglottic region
  • The incidence and pattern of metastatic spread to regional nodes vary with the primary region:
    • The lymphatic drainage of the glottis is:
      • Sparse and early-stage primaries rarely spread to regional nodes
    • Because hoarseness is an early symptom:
      • Most glottic cancers are early stage at diagnosis
    • Thus, glottic cancer has an excellent cure rate of 80% to 90%
    • Nodal involvement adversely affects survival rates and is rare in T1 to T2 disease
  • More than 50% of patients with supraglottic primaries:
    • Present with spread to regional nodes because of an abundant lymphatic network that crosses the midline:
      • Bilateral cervical metastases are not uncommon with early-stage supraglottic primaries:
        • Thus, supraglottic cancer is often locally advanced at diagnosis
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