Calcium Hemostasis Basics

  • Calcium:
    • Is the most abundant cation in the human body
  • As much as 99% of calcium:
    • Is stored in the musculoskeletal system
  • The remainder is present in serum and exists in three forms:
    • 45% is bound to albumin and is biologically inert
    • 50% is ionized and metabolically active
    • A small percentage is complexed with citrate and is also biologically inactive
  • Hypoalbuminemia means:
    • That more of the total serum calcium will be free and metabolically active
  • Although total serum calcium may be low:
    • The patient may not be metabolically hypocalcemic
  • Ionized calcium levels:
    • Are inversely affected by the pH of blood:
      • A one-unit rise in pH:
        • Will decrease the ionized calcium level by 0.36 mmol/L
  • Hypoventilation:
    • Would cause a drop in pH and thus a subsequent rise in the ionized calcium level

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