• Galactoceles:
    • Are milk retention cysts:
      • That result from a blocked milk duct
  • They present as cystic, sometimes very large masses:
    • During pregnancy, lactation, and after weaning
  • They are often painless unless they become infected
  • Initially, they contain milky fluid:
    • But over time, contents become thicker and more creamy or oily as the fluid is reabsorbed
  • Ultrasound is the primary diagnostic method
    • Typical findings include a:
      • Well-defined lesion with thin echogenic walls
      • The internal appearance consists of either homogeneous contents or heterogeneous contents with fluid clefts and anechoic rims
  • Management consists of:
    • Needle aspiration demonstrating milky contents:
      • Which both confirms the diagnosis and excludes malignancy
  • Surgical resection is reserved for:
    • Cases refractory to conservative management
  • References
    • Sawhney S. Petkovska L, Ramadan S, Al-Muhtaseb S, Jain R, Sheikh M.Sonographic appearance of galactoceles. J Clin Ultrasound. 2002;30(1):18-22.
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