Toboggans Technique for Retrosternal Goiters a Valuable Technique to Protect RLN

  • Toboggans technique for retrosternal goitre a valuable technique to protect RLN:
    • The surgery of retrosternal goiter is at increased risk for iatrogenic recurrent laryngeal nerve lesion
  • Charles Proye:Described a surgical technique to avoid this lesion
  • To have a better exposition, resection of the prethyroid muscles can be considered:Particularly if it is a voluminous and / or recurrent goiter. 
  • The approach starts with:The thyroid isthmus liberation that is dissected free from the anterior part of the trachea and transected
  • Then:The middle thyroid vein is divided and the superior pole vessels are divided
  • The superior pole is then mobilized laterally:And the recurrent laryngeal nerve is searched for at its entry point into the larynx
  • The nerve function can be verified by the neuromonitoring:Which also helps to find it in this vessel-rich area
  • The dissection continues between the nerve and the posterior part of the thyroid:Progressively from top to bottom:Descending as on a toboggan
  • After the recurrent nerve dissection:The goiter can usually be extracted without difficulty:Dividing the last vessels holding the goiter inside

Rodrigo Arrangoiz MS, MD, FACS thyroid and parathyroid surgeon at Mount Sinai Medical Center.

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