NSABP B-18 and NSABP B-27 Trial

  • The NSABP B-18 trial:
    • Evaluated whether four cycles of doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide (AC) given preoperatively improved DFS and OS when compared with the same regimen given postoperatively
    • Results showed:
      • No statistically significant differences in DFS or OS between the two groups
      • Secondary aims included the evaluation of preoperative chemotherapy in down staging the primary breast tumor and involved axillary lymph nodes:
        • With preoperative chemotherapy, 13% of patients achieved pCR
      • Patients who received preoperative chemotherapy were:
        • More likely to receive breast-conserving surgery (67% vs. 60%, P=0.002) than patients receiving postoperative chemotherapy
  • The NSABP B-27 trial:
    • Evaluated the addition of docetaxel (T) either preoperatively or postoperatively to preoperative AC chemotherapy
    • These results showed that the addition of T:
      • Did not significantly impact DFS or OS, but when given preoperatively:
        • Significantly increased the number of patients who achieved a pathologic complete response (pCR):
          • 26% v 13%, p<0.0001
      • In both studies, patients who achieved a pCR had significantly improved DFS and OS compared to those who did not (P=0.0001)
  • References
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