Accessory Nipples

  • The breast develops from the ectodermal “mammary ridge” or the “milk-line”:
    • Which extends from the future axilla to the groin
  • The nipple and areola:
    • Develop from the ectoderm along the milk-line
  • The majority are seen in the inframammary region
  • Accessory nipples:
    • Are seen in 1% to 5% of the population although differences among ethnic groups can occur
    • The incidence is the same between male and females
    • They are prone to the same diseases as normal nipples but do not require an excision or treatment:
      • Unless the nipple cause irritation or cosmetic issues
  • References:
    • Kulkarni D, Dixon JM. Congenital abnormalities of the breast. Women’s Health.2012;8(1):75–88.
    • Brown J, Schwartz RA. Supernumerary nipples: an overview. Cutis 2003:71(5):344–346.

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