Risk Stratification in Highly Suspicious Thyroid Nodules or Cytologically Confirmed Primary Papillary Thyroid Cancer

  • Risk stratification begins:
    • Immediately upon identification of a suspicious thyroid nodule
  • In the absence of a validated peri-diagnostic risk-stratification system, I use a clinical framework that incorporates:
    • Tumor imaging characteristics, medical team characteristics, and patient preferences to risk stratify patients as:
      • Ideal
      • Appropriate
      • Inappropriate for minimalistic initial management options:
        • Such as active surveillance or thyroid lobectomy
        • This clinical framework address the key factors that differentiate actionable from non-actionable disease
Peri-diagnostic risk stratification considers medical team characteristics, imaging/clinical findings, and patient characteristics to classify patients as ideal, appropriate, or inappropriate for a minimalistic initial management approach.

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