Isolated Recurrent Axillary Disease in Patients with a History of Breast Cancer

  • Isolated recurrent axillary disease:
    • Is an uncommon presentation of recurrence:
      • The incidence remains rare at:
        • 1% to 2%
  • It is important to stage patients with locoregional recurrences:
    • As approximately one-third will present with:
      • Synchronous distant metastasis
    • If the staging workup is negative:
      • complete axillary dissection should be performed if possible:
        • If surgical resection is not possible:
          • Systemic therapy should be offered:
            • To potentially allow surgical resection
      • Radiation should be performed if feasible for recurrences as well:
        • Depending on the prior extent of radiation delivered
  • In addition, complete breast imaging should be performed:
    • To ensure there is no in-breast recurrence as well
  • The use of systemic therapy should be offered after a multidisciplinary discussion:
    • Considering:
      • Tumor phenotype and prior therapies already received by the patient
  • Wapnir et al:
    • Demonstrated in the CALOR trial:
      • That in ER negative isolated recurrences:
        • Systemic chemotherapy improved disease-free survival:
          • However, in ER positive recurrences:
            • Endocrine therapy should be the preferred therapy
  • References
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