Breast Cancer Subtypes

– Breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease comprising multiple biological entities, each with
distinct pathology, features, and clinical implications

– Gene expression profiling in breast cancer has
identified four or five main molecular subtypes of breast cancer recognized as distinct biological

– Luminal A subtype (ER positive, progesterone receptor [PR] positive and HER-2 negative
with low Ki-67 [< 14%])

– Luminal B subtype (ER positive, PR positive, and HER-2 negative with high Ki-67 [> 14%])

– Basal-like / triple-negative subtype (ER negative, PR negative, and HER-2 negative)

– HER-2-amplified subtype, which can be further divided by ER status into ER negative, HER-2
positive and ER positive, HER-2 positive

– Classifying breast cancer into these subtypes has led
to a paradigm shift in how patients are currently stratified and treated

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