Ultrasound Characteristics of Phyllodes Tumors

  • Rapid growth of breast lesions like the one seen above suggests that it is a phyllodes tumor:
    • Although a giant fibroadenoma is another possibility
  • The ultrasound image shows:
    • An isoechoic, heterogeneous mass that contains cystic, fluid filled spaces, and is vascular on Doppler examination
  • In most cases, benign phyllodes tumors have margins that are well-circumscribed, and a thin, echogenic capsule is demonstrable
  • The doubling time for a benign phyllodes tumor:
    • Is about four months
  • The doubling time for a malignant phyllodes tumor:
    • Is a little over a month
  • Rapidly growing phyllodes tumors:
    • Whether benign or malignant:
      • Often cause prominent veins on the skin from the developing vascularity
  • Phyllodes tumors are more common:
    • In women of Mexican descent;
      • Latin American women with phyllodes tumors tend to be diagnosed at an earlier age than other women
  • A core needle biopsy:
    • Cannot reliably distinguish phyllodes tumors from fibroadenomas:
      • Is therefore not sufficient for a definitive diagnosis
  • The correct management is excision:
    • With or without a pre-operative core biopsy, with care to completely excise the tumor
  • Phyllodes tumors can also be difficult to distinguish from giant juvenile fibroadenomas:
    • But they should also be treated by surgical excision
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