What is the Appropriate Margin Width for a Malignant Phyllodes Tumor

👉Malignant phyllodes tumors carry a high risk of local recurrence if not excised to wide negative margins.

👉How wide these margins should be is a matter of debate with data supporting a negative margin of any width to a negative margin as wide as 2 cm.

👉Currently, the National Comprehensive Cancer Network recommends a margin width of 1cm; however, recent studies suggest margin width is not associated with local recurrence or local recurrence free survival.

👉The addition of radiation therapy when margins are closer than 1 cm or other high-risk features are present can also be a consideration but it is controversial.

👉Most data indicate unacceptably high recurrence rates if the tumor is at the inked margin of a malignant phyllodes tumor excision.

👉Mastectomy is not required unless excision cannot achieve tumor-free margins.

👉The most appropriate margin thickness for borderline or benign phyllodes tumors is even less well-defined.

👉Although achieving widely negative margins can reduce local recurrence rates, malignant phyllodes tumors also have metastatic potential regardless of negative margin status. 


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